1) What do you do outside barre?

I work in a tech startup and outside of work, I love exploring new coffee shops, doing outdoor activities, and travelling to exotic places to experience unconventional things that people normally would not do when they are travelling.

2) What was your AHA moment when you knew just had to come back?

I started exercising when I was 15 years old and at that young age, I never really received proper guidance on doing the exercises correctly, which made me unable to fully experience the full benefits. When I started taking classes at Barre 2 Barre, the instructors would correct my form during class and even stayed back after class to spend time with me to correct my form. I have never experienced this level of attention given by the instructors in any of the classes I have taken and this was when I knew I had to come back. Now, I know how to do planks properly and work on my seat muscle to feel the real “burn”.

3) Any memorable moments at Barre 2 Barre you would like to share?

When I went to my 3rd or 4th class at Barre 2 Barre, Karen noticed that I was struggling to do the abdominal curl as I failed to do it properly even after she tried to correct my form during class. She then approached me after the class ends and offered to work on it together and in the end, I managed to do the curl properly 🙂

Whenever I go to Rosanna’s class, I know for sure that she wouldn’t count the reps correctly (to make us hold the pose longer). One day I walked into the studio thinking that it was her class. However, as soon as I heard that the instructor was counting the reps properly, I knew it wasn’t her and indeed, it was Hayley’s class. We all had a good laugh about this after I told them.

Another memorable moment was when I came for a regular bounce class and towards the end of the class, there was a “surprise” burnout session added because everyone who came for the class on that day was a regular. It was intense but I had a lot of fun!