Part of our #riseandshine crew, Corine is a busy mummy of two beautiful kids and loves to wake up for her early morning barre class just before heading to work. We absolutely love Corine, she has totally transformed her body because of barre (check out those guns). She loves packing in her cardio and pushing herself through our Bootcamp and Fire classes. Corine remains a constant inspiration for a lot of us here at the studio. Get to know what she has to say about barre and some advice she shares to newbies at the barre.

1) What do you do outside of barre?

I am a busy working mommy of 2 lovely and energetic kids. I work as a corporate trainer for a bank. I am Taiwanese Canadian. My husband and I have been calling Hong Kong home since 2004.

2) What was your AHA moment when you knew just had to come back?

There are so many!  I can honestly say that barre has changed my life in more ways in one. I have never felt stronger, healthier and happier.  If I were to choose one AHA moment, I think it would be March 2018, about 6 months after I started coming to Barre 2 Barre regularly. We were in Niseko on a 4-day ski trip. We skied 6-7 hours a day for 4 consecutive days and at the end of the trip, I did not feel sore at all. I attribute that to the full-body strengthening that I got from my regular barre practice.

3) What would say to those who are new to barre?

Having the right form and posture is so important for an effective and safe barre workout. Because every little adjustment count, it’s important to choose a studio, like Barre 2 Barre with knowledgeable and caring teachers who will monitor and correct your form. Lastly, be patient and kind to yourself.