Meet our lead teacher at Barre 2 Barre, Hayley Lief. Hayley grew up as a dancer and was always active growing up. She started with teaching Aerobics and then became a barre teacher at our studio back in 2015. Hayley tells us a little bit more about her background in dance and advice she’s shared on wellness to her two beautiful daughters. Follow Hayley on IG @hayleshk

1) What got you into fitness?  And what made you become an instructor? 

I grew up as a dancer as well as played sports throughout my schooling. I have always been active. I started formal dance training when I was 5 and continued into my early 20’s. When I was thinking of careers, it was a natural continuation for me to move into fitness and continue to develop my interest in movement, and Aerobics was all the rage at the time. I got a diploma in Aerobic Exercise and Personal Training.  Fast forward 25+ years and the opportunity arose to teach barre. I love what barre can do for you, so without a second thought, I jumped back in with both feet.

2) What three qualities should a fitness instructor have?
1: Kindness and compassion
2: Spreading the love of movement
3: Continue to learn and then share that knowledge

3) You have two beautiful daughters. What have you taught them about wellness?

Thank you! My girls are both dancers and love to move, continually dancing around the house.  I’ve always encouraged them to treat their bodies with respect. To keep moving to stay strong and supple and not to use exercise as a punishment for something that you’ve eaten.

4) Any funny moments at Barre 2 Barre?

I was teaching a class a while back and a very tired lady started to fall asleep while we were in Pretzel (seatwork exercise) in an isometric hold. I asked if she was ok, and then she startled, opened her eyes and said: “yes, yes, sorry”. All I could do at that point was laugh. She apologized again after class and said that she was just very tired 🙂

5) What is your favourite class and barre exercise to teach in class?

Favourite class to teach – any variation of Barre on the rebounder trampoline. I have two favourite exercises, can I have two?!? Thighwork – Waterski; Seatwork – Pretzel.

6) You have such a huge collection of jewellery on your arm.  Which are your two favourites and why?
Haha, some would say “too many!”  I have a Pandora bracelet with a few special charms given to me by different loved ones, and bracelet with a little engraved charm on it that says “loved” from my oldest daughter for my last birthday.

7) What are your goals for 2020?

To find more balance allowing time for self-care (don’t really do that enough) and continue to move, grow and learn.