Introducing our ambassador and #barre2barrebae, @livewellbasics!⁣⁣

Karen is a part-time gym bunny and full-time journalist and social media person for hire. Follow her fitness journey over on her profile, and read more about her #barrelife below.

1.) What is Live Well Basics about, and what do your blog posts focus on?

Live Well Basics (LWB) is a lifestyle blog, focusing on the incorporation of minimalism in our day-to-day lives while remaining up to date with mainstream trends. I do believe in putting the best effort in many aspects of our life while remaining simple in our actions, which my posts reflect when it comes to reviews and trends.

2) Apart from the killer shake sessions at the barre, what do you enjoy most about being at the studio?

I love the community aspect, especially the lounge area where you can connect with instructors and other students before and after class. The natural light coming into the studio and the terrace is unbeatable, and I’d love to try doing a barre bounce outside in the fresh air when it’s cooler.

3) If you had to choose two areas to focus on during barre, what would they be?

Glutes, glutes, glutes! When I started hitting the gym, I had bad posture without realizing because my quads and hips were overused. I benefit from all the seat work movements in class, targeting glutes. The other would be core work because apart from the aesthetic of having abs, core strength is a functional aspect for mobility and a way to strengthen the spine.

4) Wisest beauty tip given?

Skin problems always come from within – look to fixing your diet, managing emotional stress and drink water throughout the day. Check out more of Karen’s tips on her site:

5) What is your favorite BarreAmped class?

I love BarreAmped Bootcamp, and it was the first class I took at Barre 2 Barre! I like the isometric movements and focus on alignment through mind-body connection.