Gladiolus Place is a non-profit residential home dedicated to protecting vulnerable teenage girls. They aim to nurture and provide the girls with care. Gladiolus Place believes everyone deserves the opportunity to be loved. ✨

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How did you get involved with this charity and why do you support this charity?

Seoen: Gladiolus Place is a girls home and I can relate to them in terms of our values. I tend to worry about the children that are in an unfortunate environment. It pains me to think about the lack of love and attention they receive. At times, these suppressed feelings could turn into frustration which leads them to go astray.

In guiding them to make the right decisions and providing emotional support, I hope they can soon create their own positive environment for growth. People often advise us to adapt to the environment, however, I do not agree with such unfortunate circumstances.

As a teacher, I hope to volunteer and guide the girls at Barre 2 Barre Singapore, which not only focuses on physical but also mental well-being.

Jessica: I was introduced to this charity because our now teacher but apprentice at the time Seoen was practicing teaching her classes with Denise, the Partnership Executive of Gladiolus Place. We conversed shortly after Seoen finished her apprentice class, and Seoen suggested we work together with her because it’s a charity she highly recommended and supported personally.

After reading more information about Gladiolous Place, I decided that it was a good charity to support because we are a women-run business, empowering women through our barre classes, and thus we love to support other women who need the help.

We initially wanted to offer classes to the women in need at Gladiolus Place to create a bond with them, but due to COVID we pushed back on this initiative to allow for other ways that we can support them. Hence we decided to support them by providing a percentage of our merchandise and livestream package options to the charity until the charity is ready to let their girls attend barre and bounce classes with us.

Why did you choose to work with Barre 2 Barre to support your charity organization Gladiolus Place? What are you most looking forward to in working with Barre 2 Barre?

Denise, Partnerships Executive of Gladiolus Place: Barre 2 Barre was first introduced to GP when Seoen, a staff at B2B, volunteered with us in December 2020. She held an engaging perfume making workshop with our GP residents, and proposed more ideas to bring more fun and lifeskills to our residents. Hence, complimentary barre & bounce classes were offered to our GP residents during their holidays and that was the start of our partnership together!

GP’s mission and vision is to heal, renew and restore our Girls back to their families and communities, and to experience life transformation from within. We are excited to hear that B2B’s mission also aligns with ours – to transform and empower the lives of women through fitness and community.

Moreover, since Barre 2 Barre is a women-owned business, it provides a good learning opportunity for our Girls to understand that they too can grow up to be women of strength and dignity, and to be a blessing to the community that they belong to.
Barre 2 Barre supports us by dedicating a portion of their sales profit to our Home. This helps us ensure that the holistic & therapeutic needs of the Girls at GP are being taken care of. It also helps to build a more comfortable living environment for our Girls to reside in.

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This Home was founded by a couple called
Andrew & Grace around 20+ years back, but back then it was called Andrew and Grace Home. Only recently, the name changed to Gladiolus Place; it is currently run by a female head.