Today we welcome our newest intern Dheffany! She will be assisting cofounder Jessica with studio admin duties during her time with us as well as working on Sales & Marketing of our recently launched global platform Barre 2 Barre Video on Demand!

What does wellness and being healthy mean to you?

To me, wellness is being able to balance and maintain both physical and mental wellbeing. This may sound easy but ultimately, faced with the many challenges in life, not many are able to achieve it. It is important to have a positive state of mind as well. Do not be afraid of doing and eating what you love. The keyword here is BALANCE!

How did you get involved with Barre 2 Barre? What is your role within the team?

I came across the Internship recruitment post on my school portal and went to check out Barre 2 Barre. It caught my attention because I was in a tough situation – being injured from my passion, dancing – and was unable to continue what I love doing. I felt that it was time for me to get up and do something about it. It was like a push towards finding back my motivation. I ended up joining Barre 2 Barre Singapore as their Sales and Marketing Intern in May 2021.

Is this your first experience with barre? How do you remember your first class?

I was introduced to BarreAmped when I first joined Barre 2 Barre Singapore in May when I started my internship. I was new to barre and had zero clue as to what kind of workout it is. The first time I saw a class being held, I felt that the workout seemed easy. However, after trying it out myself, I realised I was completely wrong! I remembered my legs were shaking and my thighs were screaming for help. BUT! I felt great, refreshed, and motivated afterwards. Albeit slow, I would like to slowly get back on track to how I was before – fit and healthy.

What physical or mental benefits have you experienced in or outside of class since starting barre?

I gained weight after injuring myself and have been stuck in this slump for a very long time. I felt my motivation drop over the long run. After attending my first class, I felt more refreshed and regained the will to start exercising again. I have also started waking up early to get work done and do not feel as tired as before. At the end of this journey, I would like to regain my physique!

What else do you like to do for your fitness and well-being?

I love cycling along East Coast Park with my friends. We would race back and forth, and see who can reach the starting point first. Afterwards, we would grab food and it is an opportunity to catch up with friends.

I am the type of person that would love to have some time to myself. During my free time, I would read articles and books, while listening to songs. It allows me to momentarily escape from reality and relax.

List your 3 dinner party dream guests, what would you talk about and what dish would you prepare for them?

Lang Leav – I love reading the poems and stories she wrote. I would love to understand the process that went behind – the thoughts and the experience. I would prepare Vietnamese Pho as it is one of my favourite foods to eat to perk me up.

Kim NamJoon – I grew up listening to his group songs (BTS), and their songs address social issues such as mental health and injustice. As most of their songs are written by him, I would love to understand what goes into the mind of a person with a 148 IQ. I would prepare Samgyetang (Ginseng Chicken Soup) which is my favourite Korean food. It warms me up and provides a boost of energy.

Emma Watson – I first knew about her from watching Harry Potters, and eventually started following her. I admire her bravery and courage to speak up about gender equality and on the education of women. Despite being in the 21st century, gender inequality, albeit better, still does exist. I would like to have a conversation about it with her over dinner. As she seems like an adventurous person, I would prepare local food such as Lor mee or Laksa for her to try!

List your 3 favorite travel destinations, and list 3 more that you want to travel to and why.

I haven’t had the opportunity to travel much, so I only have two favourite travel destinations so far!

Taiwan – I loved exploring the small neighbourhoods for hidden gems! Often the best food is found in small alleys. The people I met there are friendly and I made a few friends there too! It was nice when they showed me around and introduced me to their culture. Of course, the street food is not to be missed! I enjoyed travelling to Taiwan and have been there 3 times. It felt like my second home.

Korea – Despite being unable to speak their language well, the people there are friendly and patient with me. There was this lady giving me an extra huge portion of fried chicken upon knowing that I am not local. She was very friendly and even treated me like I am her grandchildren. The people there are also very considerate. If they were sick, they would wear a mask on the public transport and also everyone would try to be quiet. Needless to say, I love the food there as well, especially the soup dishes.

Places I would love to travel to:

Krabi – I have seen photos of Krabi and heard good things about the place from my friends. I would love to visit and take a look at the stunning scenery that everyone’s been praising. It is definitely a place of heaven to relax at.

Perth – It seems like a place where I can slow down my pace and just wind down. I would love to visit the beach and enjoy the cool breeze while I take a stroll.

Thailand – It is a hotspot for travel but I haven’t had the chance to visit. I have heard so much about Thailand from my friends, and that it is a place of paradise for food and shopping.