Today we welcome our newest members of the Barre 2 Barre Family: Joey Soh is our studio manager and Cheryl Sng our sales & marketing associate. Read more about their journey with us. We hope you will meet them both in person soon!

(Joey pictured on the left, Cheryl on the right)

What does wellness and being healthy mean to you?

Being a mother, plans often don’t goes the way we scheduled. Working out has been an outlet to maintain my sanity and I enjoy the adrenaline rush whenever I push myself through, sweating out all my negativity of the day. Fitness has been helping me to maintain my mental wellness to stay positive and calm which I find it very important nowadays. Fun fact, I am a pescatarian and I find this diet helps to keep my body clean and charged all day!

Many would associate health with physical well-being. In my opinion, it encompasses not only the physical aspect but also the mental and social aspects. Wellness, on the other hand, aids in the improvement of overall health. Being happy = healthy!

Tip: getting a bowl of An Acai Affair just across the street from our studio makes me feel healthy!

(Joey pictured above with her son).

How did you get involved with Barre 2 Barre? What is your role within the team?

After being a stay home mom for 5 years, I’ve decided to find a career to be relatable to what I enjoy doing which are both marketing and fitness. I was lucky chance upon Barre 2 Barre recruitment online and here I am, being part of them. I’m excited that Jessica involves me in marketing, partnership and collaboration and overseeing in-studio process.

During my school vacation, I was searching through the marketing intern positions on InternSG when I came across the advertisement. I am currently in charge of Barre 2 Barre’s sales and marketing efforts.

(Cheryl pictured above)

Is this your first experience with barre? How do you remember your first class?

I’ve fell in love with barre three years ago and I will always remember my first thought when I signed up the class, it’s just like pilates. I was so wrong about this, I literally can feel my muscles are burning after the class. It’s definitely a good burn compareable to HiiT.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had the opportunity or time to try a Barre class! While it appears to be simple on the surface, I have heard many people sharing about how difficult and sore they are after the session. I am really excited to attend my first class hopefully sometime this month.

What is your favorite way (aside from barre) to keep fit and find some downtime?

I will find myself in a good spinning class or a fast 40 minutes HiiT/cardio workouts at home. I created a routine for myself, to workout first thing in the morning when I wake up. It will help me to feel happy for the rest of my day.

I have been practising Muay Thai since I was 16 years old. Since the gyms are currently closed due to Covid regulations, I would go for a 3km evening run bi-weekly to stay in shape.

(Cheryl pictured above)

List your 3 dinner party dream guests, what would you talk about and what dish would you prepare for them?

Song Jong Ki will be the top of my list for a good dinner. I will prepare for him my handmade chinese pork dumplings pairing with gochujang sauce, a good mix of both chinese and korean culture. I would love to know how he keep his passion burning in acting career and the charities work that he had donated / volunteered.

Blake Lively, she is like a female crush that I always have. I would whipped up a chinese fried seabass drizzled in sweet and sour sauce and piping hot rice for her. I would love to know how she maintain her fun and loving family together!

Mr Ong Ye Kun, our Minister For Health and ex Minister For Education. I would serve him a good traditional toast set with coffee and talk about the mental wellness of Singaporean especially children.

I have been binge-watching Korean variety shows recently, and Running Man has been my favourite since I was in secondary school. Yoo Jae Suk would be the first guest, as he truly inspires me to be a successful yet modest person like him. I would like to hear about his failures before he rose to prominence as a successful national host in Korea. I would prepare Kimchi ramyeon as it is simple yet a savouring dish that all Koreans love!

My hardworking parents, who are the most important persons in my life, would be the next two guests. From quietly being my support pillar, to spoiling me, to my mother cooking delectable meals, I hope I can express how grateful I am to them and how I intend to repay their kindness in the future. I would make a bowl of warm ABC soup – just like my mother has always done for me, and my dad a bowl of his favourite laksa haha! I hope I learn cooking by then.

(Joey pictured above)

List your 3 favorite travel destinations, and list 3 more that you want to travel to and why.

Japan will always take my heart away. I enjoyed the food in Japan and the honesty of people. I remembered I dropped my husband and my son’s passports while shopping and only realised it when I was about to make payment to claim tax. We went backwards along our shopping trail and found their passports at the counter.

Boracay in Philipines – I love the sun and the sea, they always calm my heart and make me feel peace. I like how beach makes the time slow down and enjoy every single bites of life. Being a wild person then, I forced my husband to do parasailing, helmet diving and even cliff diving (10m high) with me. They served the best pancake breakfast and coconut milkshake.

Ho Chin Min in Vietnam – I went on a girl trip with my girlfriend and we went wild! It’s a planless trip, so we pretty much do whatever we feel like doing on that day. One night, we just decided let’s go to Muine (another province of Vitenam) which required us to take a 5-6hrs sleeper bus. We bought the tickets, booked the hotel and departed early in the morning. During our trip in Muine, we went for a quad bike tour in their famous sand dunes!

Traveling was the only thing I looked forward to during holidays. Unfortunately we wouldn’t be able to do so soon but let’s dream about it for now.

My three favourite travel destinations are:


Taipei almost feels like a second home as I will visit at least once a year pre-covid. I love the people, the night market (beef cubes!) and the outskirts of Taiwan for an escape away from the city. It is really easy for a Singaporean to adapt there as there isn’t much of a culture difference and Taiwanese are just extremely heartwarming.

Fun fact: I was in Taipei when Singapore announced their plans for the first lockdown in 2020 so I booked an earlier flight back to Singapore before my preset arrival date ☹


Being a fan of Korean dramas and variety shows, I suppose it was inevitable that I would fall in love with the country. Korean cuisine appeals to my taste buds as well. Tanjong Pocha is my favorite Korean BBQ restaurant in Singapore (because of the private rooms). I’d want to try Wang Dae Bak once the dining restrictions are lifted because it appears to be just as delicious and it is so close to the studio!

Las Vegas (pictured below)

I could only faintly recall my memories from my visit to Las Vegas as I was so young at that time. It was also the closest of me seeing the “Eiffel Tower” at this moment as they have their own iteration in Vegas. I enjoy how the structures glow at night and create a lovely atmosphere.

I look forward to traveling to:


It just seems so chill and beautiful from the images online – surrounded by the lake and nature. I envision myself staying in the cottage in Edinburgh and waking up to a nice cup of tea, cold weather and a beautiful view of the lake.


I think it is every girl’s dream to visit Paris and see the Eiffel Tower – a symbol of love (so romantic). While we are on the topic of Paris, we can’t miss out on visiting the Louvre Museum as well. I absolutely love the architecture in the Paris region.


I have never been to China before but hearing how the technology there is crazily advanced – even more so than in Japan, I am excited to plan a trip there to experience it for myself as well as snap some nice photos at the Bund!