Since the pandemic started, we have switched gears and offered both livestream and Video on Demand classes. Today we interview Barre 2 Barre student Lauren with regards to taking classes online!

We asked Lauren about her experience with us for our livestream classes. Lauren has been an amazing regular client with us since our days in Hongkong Street, and has been our regular in studio and livestream client ever since! She’s even visited our barre classes in Hong Kong with Rosanna, prior to the pandemic of course.

What motivates you to attend an online livestream class?

I find barre is so therapeutic for me physically and mentally. There was a period of time I stopped barre for 1-2 months to focus on other physical activities and noticed distinctly that my back pain and stiffness returned. I find it helps keep the physiotherapy sessions further apart and I often get even more relief from regular barre practice vs. spa massages! Mentally, I also find the practice helps to ground me and keep the positive vibes flowing especially during these difficult times.

What do you love about our livestream classes, and what would you like to see more of?

I love the flexibility – I’m a full time working mom so livestream classes really work for me and helps with my work-life balance. I’m able to still get a good workout in the evenings, but also be near to my 3 year old (sometimes he even joins me for some stretches!) without having to fight through the rush hour traffic home after work / studio as I previously did.

I also love the connection, variety and feedback from a live class, which you can’t get with on demand videos.

I’d like to see more livestream classes in the evenings daily but understood that this isn’t always easy in terms of scheduling / demand. I also love your on demand platform because that helps to fill the gaps where livestream classes aren’t available during the timings that work for me. Thanks also for uploading new content regularly and matching it to a daily routine (Mondays / Tuesdays / Wednesdays, etc.) because this means the content never gets old and keeps it fresh / easy to follow. It’s also really nice to see longer and shorter videos, so I can pick a session that best suits my needs or free time that I have that day.

Thanks so much for all that you ladies do – barre is such a part of my daily practice now and so healing for me 🙂