Known for her cheerful and laid back demeanour, Boey is Barre 2 Barre’s administrative associate. In fact, she was one of the first to join team Barre 2 Barre (Singapore) and started out at the front desk. As time passed and we got to know (and love) her, we knew that this barrerina was someone we wanted more of. 

Without further ado, read on for this week’s interview with Boey Sim Yee – the lady behind all your sign ins and the smile behind the desk!

What does wellness and being healthy mean to you?

To me, it means exercising and eating well. Be aware of your food choices, but don’t be afraid to indulge in your favorite foods from time to time.  Although it seems pretty simple –  having a positive mindset is important.  After all, you’re the key to realizing your own happiness and health.

Share with us a funny story related to barre.

I initially had no idea how to pronounce barre – the right way is ‘bar’ but I thought it was ‘bare’. It was only after I joined my first barre class that I realised why it was pronounced this way….. I was shaking so hard after the class, I needed the bar for support! All jokes aside, I felt great, refreshed, and so much stronger (albeit sore) following that first class.

How did you get into BarreAmped and what are your future plans for barre?

I was introduced to BarreAmped when I started working as the receptionist at Barre 2 Barre Singapore. As for future plans, I hope to see Barre 2 Barre expand into more studios. It is great getting to see increasingly full classes and more and more “regulars”.

What is your favorite way (aside from barre) to keep fit and find some downtime?

I walk a lot (and sweat a lot too!). That’s my way of keeping fit. Walking is great for me because of my restless nature. I believe that walking is the best way for anyone to keep fit (especially if “exercise” is something that is daunting to you). When I visited Hong Kong earlier this year, I swear I had never walked so much in my 22 years of existence. It has such lovely weather… I could just walk for ages!

List your 3 dinner party dream guests, what would you talk about and what dish would you prepare for them?

Ellen DeGeneres. I would love to have dinner with her. She would probably prepare the dinner but if I did get the chance, I would prepare meatball pasta. I would talk to her about everything and engage in the games she has on her show. She has such a funny and free-spirited personality that the evening would definitely be fun.

Walt Disney. He seems like a brunch person so I would prepare a buffet spread of conventional brunch items such as pancakes, bacon, and eggs.  I would thank him for making dreams come true. I love Disney – all  the songs and movies. He is such an inspiring person, sharing a meal with him would be interesting.

Colleen Hoover. I would prepare eggs benedict for her because she seems like a very “sunny” individual. She is such a great writer and I absolutely love her books. I had never  experienced a book hangover until I started reading hers.

List your 3 favorite travel destinations, and list 3 more that you want to travel to and why.
Currently, I only have two favorite travel destinations!

Taiwan- People there are so friendly and I loved exploring the small alleys for hidden gems. Needless to say, the street food is great – most are homemade recipes passed down for generations that come in  huge portions with so much flavor. I enjoyed my entire time there – it felt like a mini countryside.

Krabi – I love the simple things in life and this place was “full” of that. Most than that, I really love Tom Yum and beaches which is what Krabi is all about.

I would love to travel to:

Alaska- Caviar farm! I have always wanted to visit one in person and see how caviar is made.

Scotland- It looks like  such a beautiful country. I want to visit castles and (hopefully) pub crawl on St Patrick’s Day.

Egypt/Morocco- Growing up, I always watched travel documentaries. Egypt/ Morocco are two of the most exotic countries that would always show up and I would love to visit someday.