This week, we introduce you to our newest addition to the Barre 2 Barre family. As an experienced advertising talent and our new social media marketing intern, Cheryl Koh is the eye behind our recent campaigns! Read on to hear about Cheryl’s journey to barre and more!

What does wellness and being healthy mean to you? 

Self-love. I have always felt there is an amazing relationship between love and wellness. Having positive thoughts, valuing your needs, and finding a balance in everything you do are a few ways to love yourself better and live a healthier life. Keeping that in mind while embarking on my fitness journey has allowed me to gain deeper fulfilment out of everything I do – from the much dreaded HIIT workouts (that I used to really struggle with) to indulging in some KFC fried chicken once in a while!

Share with us a funny story related to barre!

The first Barre 2 Barre class I signed up for was the “Fire” class, and I definitely did NOT read the class description at the time. I was already feeling the burn in my thighs soon into it, but only when we got into the seated chair position and pulsed on the balls of our feet did I finally understand what #shaketochange really meant!

Of all the workouts I have tried before, I’ve never experienced that VIOLENT thigh trembling midway. In fact, it was not even a tremble; it was FULL-ON shaking, and I was so embarrassed that I had to stand up to take a short break. I tried getting back into position to continue the workout afterwards, but the same thing happened again. The realization that I had ZERO control over my thighs was hilarious and embarrassing at the same time!

How did you get into BarreAmped and what are your future plans for barre? 

I was first introduced to barre by a couple of my girlfriends about a year ago, and it was literally love at first sight… and shake.

At the age of six, my mum enrolled me in ballet, which kicked off my early interest in dance. I went on to learn Chinese and contemporary dance in primary and secondary school, and joined a dance club in my polytechnic where I dabbled in hip hop, street jazz and contemporary dance. Dance played an integral role in my growing up years, but at the age of nineteen, I stopped dancing due to school and work commitments. For years I tried to get back into it by attending open classes and even joining another dance club in university, but it just never took off and I concluded that it was because I had had a shift in priorities.

This is why I instantly fell in love with barre the moment I entered the studio for my first class. Seeing the familiar wooden floors, large wall mirrors, and ballet barres brought back so many memories from my earlier dance days. Soon, I grew familiar with the BarreAmped technique at the studio after joining Barre 2 Barre as their social media and marketing intern.

Having attended classes two to three times a week for the past month (as recommended by Jess), I am starting to see the effects of attending class religiously. Now, it honestly seems as though barre is a drug and I’m addicted to the burn it brings!

As for my future plans, I am looking forward to trying out the barre studios overseas when I head up to Europe for a six month exchange program next year! And who knows, maybe I’d like to get a BarreAmped certification when I’m back 😉

What is your favorite way (aside from barre) to keep fit and find some downtime

I’ve always been active. Before I started dancing, my dad thought I’d grow up to become an athlete. He would take me and my brother for swimming classes on the weekends or take us jogging in the park with him. I then of course started dancing, and eventually returned to taking 5K runs to get my weekly dose of exercise in recent years.

Besides the physical benefits, running has been a way for me to cope with stress and to squeeze in some “me” time. I feel a notable change in my mood after a run and get addicted to the ‘runner’s high’. I love how much more energetic, awake, and happy I feel after running, which pushed me to participate in my first half marathon, the Sundown Marathon in 2016.

Since then, I’ve made a personal promise to myself to complete at least one marathon each year. I’ve just completed the Standard Chartered half marathon, and the Fire and Bootcamp barre classes were a great complement to my preparation workout plan.

List your three dream dinner party guests; what would you discuss with them and which dishes would you prepare for them?

1. My late grandpa. We’d chat about all the things we never got to when he was alive. I always wanted to know what life was like for him during World War II. I’d make him his signature fried rice that he always used to cook for me and my cousins when we were younger. Till today, I’ve never tasted a plate of fried rice better than his.

2. Princess Diana. I recently watched ‘The Story of Diana’ on Netflix, and it reminded me of all the goodness and compassion she spread throughout the world. I’d love to hear about the mission work she did, the people she met, and the lives she touched. Since she’d be accustomed to having a royal cook prepare her meals, I’d much rather take her for a meal to my family’s favourite Dim Sum place at Takashimaya. The one dish I’d definitely want her to try is their century egg porridge. Even the bowls I’ve tried in Hong Kong can’t compare! I’d also order a couple of steamed (not fried) dim sum dishes, as she seemed to be rather health conscious.

3. Don Draper. I know he’s a fictional character, but a girl can dream, right! I’d love to hear his thoughts on Heinz recycling the ‘Pass the Heinz’ campaign this year, a pitch that was rejected fifty years ago. I’d probably whip up burgers for dinner and put out Heinz bottles of ketchup just for the laughs.

List your three favourite travel destinations and list three more that you want to travel to and why!

1. Lourdes. I had the most unexpectedly amazing spiritual experience in this holy town in south-western France. It was such a beautiful, prayerful place, that I started tearing up from the sheer sight of it the moment I entered its gates. My parents and I went on a pilgrimage there, chatted with some of the sick and elderly after mass, and participated in the iconic Lourdes Torchlight Procession.

2. Gili. I visited Gili Trawangan in August this year with my closest friends, and it basically involved lots of long island iced teas, dancing by the beach, making friends with backpackers from around the world, kayaking at sunrise, swimming with turtles, and pampering ourselves with cheap massages, pedicures, and outdoor yoga sessions.

3. New Zealand. I’ve been to both the north and south of New Zealand, and I have to say, the South Island of New Zealand is literally heaven on earth. The hidden beaches, grand mountain vistas, spectacular lakes and rustic buildings all contribute to the charm of the place. I’d love to go back there one day!

1. San Francisco and Los Angeles, because I’ve never been to the US and I’ve been dying to go!

2. Venice. When I was planning a trip to Europe last year, Venice was the destination I was most looking forward to. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, however, we did not manage to complete our Italy trip, and I’ve been wanting to return there ever since.

3. Morocco. Seeing so many pictures of my friends going on camel treks and desert tours and sleeping under a blanket of stars in nomadic tents has made me want to experience of the magic of the Sahara Desert myself!