Snap! Snap! Snap! Ever wonder who takes all those gorgeous shots of your favourite barrerinas? Or puts together those beautifully captioned photos for our instagram posts? Or has the ability to put the team at ease in the most awkward (and sometimes difficult) poses? 

This week, we interview Jen Wong – our in-house Barre 2 Barre photographer! 

Read on for part 2 of our interview series and see why team Barre 2 Barre Singapore has fallen in love with this recent SMU grad!

What does wellness and being healthy mean to you? 

I believe wellness encompasses both the physical and mental well-being of a person.

For me, it goes beyond just eating healthily and exercising regularly. For me, it is about making the conscious effort daily to choose to be grateful (regardless of the circumstance) and always working towards becoming a better version of myself.

Being healthy is all about finding that balance rather than sticking to a strict and mundane routine. It’s all about moderation.

In other words, go out there and enjoy that delicious bowl of truffle fries, or snuggle up in bed to binge watch your favourite tv series!

Share a funny story related to barre.
The first time I joined a barre class, I signed up for the bootcamp class by accident.

Needless to say, I almost fainted by the end of the class! Being a little over zealous with trying to keep up with the class, coupled by the fact that I had not been exercising regularly in months before, I think I was lucky to come out of class alive (although my legs were shaking walking down the steps of the studio).

Looking back, I am still in awe that I decided to continue coming back for classes even after that near-blackout experience.

How did you get into BarreAmped and what are your future plans for barre?

I was first introduced to BarreAmped when I joined Barre 2 Barre Singapore as their marketing Intern. New to the whole idea of barre, Mylene and Jessica were the ones who encouraged me to join the classes to gain a better understanding of what the company does.

Fast forward a few months, I have come to love barre and can definitely see the effects of consistency in coming for classes. Barre has become a part of my weekly routine and I come for classes either before or after work to destress and stretch out my body.

I’m super thankful to still be a part of this barre family (that I have grown to love) as the resident photographer for the team. As for the future, who knows? Maybe getting a BarreAmped certification in a few years time? 🙂


What is your favorite way (aside from barre) to keep fit and find some downtime?
I love going on hikes both alone and with friends. It is such a rejuvenating feeling to be surrounded by nature and fresh air! One of the perks of staying in Bukit Timah is that there are so many nature parks around me! (Bukit Batok Nature Reserve and Botanic Gardens are my top fav spots)

On a very different note, brunching is another activity I love doing especially during weekends. It is a great way to explore new places in Singapore, catch up with friends, and of course get some Instagram-worthy shots!

I have also recently picked up calligraphy after watching YouTube videos and drawing inspiration from Pinterest. Given the intense focus needed to write, I find it allows me to momentarily forget about what may be stressing me out.

List your 3 dinner party dream guests. What would you talk about and what dish would you prepare for them?

Albert Einstein – Fun fact, we both share the same birthday only several hundred years apart. I would love to catch a glimpse of his genius way of thinking and maybe get some life advice from the man himself! I would probably make pie since our birthday falls on pi day (14 March).

Matthew Gray Gubler – He plays my favourite TV character (Dr Spencer Reid) from the TV series, Criminal Minds. He is known to be just as quirky in real life as his character on the show so I guess you can never predict where the conversation will go. As for food, maybe sushi? He looks like he would like sushi! 🙂

Viktor Frankl – He is the author of my favourite book, Man’s Search for Meaning. I would love to understand how he eventually overcame his traumatic experience in the concentration camps and maybe learn how to see life from his perspective. I would prepare one of my comfort food – eggs with avocado on toast.

List your 3 favorite travel destinations and list 3 more that you want to travel to and why.

Japan – The deliciously fresh seafood, the insanely cute packaging they come up with for everything, and the general politeness of the people there… what’s not to love about Japan? The thing I love most about Japan, however,  is how it’s architecture, food, and culture are a blend of traditional and modern.

Bali – The go-to place for detoxing while exploring the waterfalls, rice terraces, and beaches that are so different from the hustle and bustle of Singapore. The cheap (yet delicious) Indo-mee and acai bowls are worth travelling there for too!

Perth – Lovely place to visit during the winter where the cool breeze makes walking everywhere so much more enjoyable. One of my favourite memories of Perth is visiting the Fremantle Prison and exploring its underground tunnels!


Three places I hope to eventually visit:
Korea – After watching so many Korean dramas and variety shows, Korea is definitely one of the top places I would love to visit. I Would love to try their street food, visit their Jimjilbang (bath houses), and take a tour of Jeju island.

India – I visited Chennai in 2009 on a school trip but unfortunately did not manage to see and do much. After my dad told me the story behind the Taj Mahal, it has been my dream to travel to New Delhi to see it for myself.

New York City – I have heard so much about NYC from my friends; the musicals, the food and just the overall atmosphere of the city! There are so many iconic places in NYC (Central Park, Times Square, etc.) that appear in movies I have grown up watching that it would be a shame to give this place a miss.