Although she’s one of the newest additions to the Barre 2 Barre family, Vanessa Chua holds an integral position – playing the role of photographer and social media guru. This week, we interview our resident social media intern!

What does wellness and being healthy mean to you?

I believe that being well and healthy means loving yourself (taking care of your mental health and physical health) and surrounding yourself with positive energy.

Life is short – so live in the present and make it count!

Share with us a funny story related to barre.

Not long ago, I attended my first BarreAmped intermediate class which was taught by Jess. The class was the most challenging class I had tried up to that point and I was so relieved when it was time for the cool down stretches.

Ironically, as we were doing one of the cool down stretches, I somehow got stuck and Jess had to help untangle me. We were both trying not to giggle….  but i think it was quite a funny sight!

How did you get into BarreAmped and what are your future plans for barre?

I got into BarreAmped when I first joined Barre 2 Barre Singapore as their Social Media and Marketing Intern in May. I am pretty new to barre but it has already made such a positive impact in my life. Instead of feeling the typical  “bleh its Monday again” feeling when I wake up on Monday mornings, I now look forward to my weekly barre classes.

In the long run, I definitely plan to continue my practice –  I love how it has become a part of my weekly routine and I don’t think Monday mornings would be happy mornings if I were to stop 🙁

For now, though, I plan on trying out a Barre Yoga class!

What is your favorite way (aside from barre) to keep fit and find some downtime?

I love walking and try to do that instead of taking public transport whenever possible! I find that other than trying to clock more than 10,000 steps, it’s also a good way to appreciate Singapore’s landscapes.

What i love most, however,  is cooking with my family! It is a weekly Sunday evening affair for us to gather in the kitchen together to prepare dinner.

List your 3 dinner party dream guests, what would you talk about and what dish would you prepare for them?

Gordon Ramsay- I am his number one fan!! After watching countless seasons of Kitchen Nightmares and Masterchef, I am in awe of his passion and dedication towards food. I would ask him about rookie cooking mistakes and how to avoid them (free lesson from a world class chef :p) and also about his rivalry with Jamie Oliver. I would prepare my favorite soup recipe (vegetable broth with squash) and hopefully get a few pointers on how to improve!

Dan Harris- He’s the author of a book that I read recently, 10% Happier. His book has inspired me to integrate mindfulness meditation into my daily life. I would ask him how he sought to maintain a balance between pursuing a fast-paced career and practicing mindfulness. It’ll probably be a lengthy and thought provoking conversation so I’d prepare earl grey tea with a plate of oatmeal cookies.

Joshua Gates- When I was younger, my favorite show to watch was Destination Truth! Josh was the presenter of this expedition show and would globe-trek with his team to explore paranormal myths/urban legends. I would ask him about his craziest experiences while filming Destination Truth and cook spicy Korean noodles for him given his extreme adventurous side.

List your 3 favorite travel destinations, and list 3 more that you want to travel to and why.

Bangkok- I love the food, friendliness, culture and shopping! I even spent three months learning Thai just so I can use it every time I’m in Bangkok!

Nepal- I saw Mount Everest from my lodge and it was by far one of the most breathtaking sights ever.

Tokyo- Home to Tokyo Disneyland, what more can I say?

I would like to go to:

New York- I love everything about this city!

Barcelona- I interned in a travel company and this was the city that I worked on the most throughout my internship. It’d be great to visit and be able to catch up with the Spanish friends that I made there!