Welcome to Barre 2 Barre! We’re so happy to have you. For new barre students,
here are a few tips to get you comfortable and confident for your first class!
  • Bring a small towel and water, especially for our sweatier classes like HIIT and Bootcamp.
  • Grip socks are mandatory for hygiene and safety reasons.
  • Feel free to bring your own, or plan to purchase a pair at the studio.
  • Wear comfortable fitness attire and bring a small towel and water
  • Please arrive 15 mins early for your first class, so you can register, sign the waiver and tell us about any injuries. First-timers who arrive late will not be permitted to join the class and will be marked as absent.
  • Regular students can enter class (i.e. dressed in fitness attire) up to 5 minutes past start time, and need to warm up with 60 knee lifts before joining the rest of the group
  • Barre is a beautiful and rewarding practice that will inspire change from the inside out. It will push you to your edge by focusing on muscle groups that you may not regularly exercise. When you regularly challenge your body in barre class, you’ll notice benefits like improved muscle definition, greater flexibility, and better posture. Like other types of regular exercise, barre can also help you manage and reduce your stress levels. You may feel some shaking and burn deep in your muscles, but don’t worry! That’s exactly what you want! Feeling the famous “barre burn” or “barre shake” means it’s working for your body!


  • We host our Livestream classes on Zoom! Here are some helpful tips for your first Livestream class:
  • You’re welcome to either turn your camera on and off. If you would like for our instructor to observe and provide feedback, please have your camera switched on and ensure your device is placed on a stable surface at an angle that captures your full body.
  • You will need:
  • A mat for you to work out on
  • Stable support for you to hold on to. It can be the back of a chair, countertop, or simply a wall
  • Light hand weights. If you do not have them, a water bottle filled with water (or equivalent) will work as well
  • A bath towel for cushioning or as a prop
  • Music in the background to get you moving! For our curated playlist, search “Barre 2 Barre HK” on Spotify and pick the playlist with
    the corresponding class name and teacher
  • To ensure a smooth live-stream class experience, please:
  • Check-in advance that you have a working Internet connection
  • Log on 5-10 minutes before class starts to allow time to settle in and make sure to select “Join Audio”. New clients may be admitted a few minutes prior to class so the teacher may be informed of any injuries. Clients who arrive over
  • 5 minutes late will not be permitted to join and will be marked as absent

Barre has a language and if you want to become fluent click these helpful videos!