Barre 2 Barre is a labour of love. What started out as a simple urge to share our passion for healthy living, has grown into a thriving community of barre babes of all ages and all fitness levels, coming together for the heart-pumping, body-sculpting endorphin high that can only come from a kick-@$$ barre class.

From its inception, Barre 2 Barre’s driving force has always been a passion for barre. Here’s our timeline sharing the who, what, and where of Barre 2 Barre’s incredible growth.


Co-Founder Mylène and Karen met in Hong Kong as fellow Pilates teachers at a local studio.


After realizing they shared a mutual vision for wellness and fitness, they opened Hong Kong’s first and original boutique #barre studio – that’s right, Barre 2 Barre Was born!


Shortly after, Jess goes from studio regular to Co-Founder and opened the Singapore studio.

2018 – Present

As a trio, the Founders trailblaze the world of #barre all across Asia, all while maintaining a deep level of appreciation and love for each other and the community.