We believe the best teachers are lifelong students. Our training program is both comprehensive and modular.
Complete each level or format as your schedule and budget allow.
After completing Level 1, further your education with the following courses:
BarreAmped® Level 2
Effectively double your repertoire of classic barre exercises
BarreAmped® Level 3
Train clients in more advanced, technical postures requiring
a greater measure of strength and flexibility
BarreAmped® Bootcamp
Combine low-impact, feel-good cardio intervals with classic,
body-sculpting barre exercises
BarreAmped® Fire
Certify at our most advanced level to boost the intensity of the entire class
BarreAmped® BandSculpt
Utilize a resistance band to add a new element of challenge to
classic barre exercises
BarreAmped® Power Stretch
Add fluidity and restoration to your barre practice
BarreAmped® Bounce Level 1, 2, Expanded
Combine classic barre exercises performed on the trampoline
with low-impact interval bounces to bring the heart rate up