Hong Kong has established a diverse hub of plant-based eateries, and the trajectory for these restaurants and cafes popping up will only continue to expand. With chefs and café owners on board with this cuisine and lifestyle concept, the innovative movement has even spread to bartenders who are showcasing zero-waste, health-forward cocktails for happy hours and weekends.

We’re only halfway through the year, and a lot of shifts have occurred in Hong Kong, with more stands, grocery shops, and even the first plant-based fine dining restaurant to land over the summer! Here’s another round up of Healthy Eats I’ve enjoyed or discovered this year.

The new plant-based restaurant is attached to Ovolo Hotel on Arbuthnot Road, and has become 2019’s it-place for fresh, flavor-led dishes. The new all-day menu has been revamped since opening, harmonizing authentic eastern and western influences. Veda has become one of my favorite places for a nutritious lunch with friends, and with their latest launch of their new health-forward cocktails, you’ll find me there having some well balanced, guilt-free drinks. I love knowing the mixologist uses the freshest ingredients with juices and mixes made in-house, as well as using alternative sweeteners to keep the calories at bay.

With a bittersweet goodbye to the OG vegan-vegetarian haven Grassroots Pantry, Chef Peggy Chan has introduced Nectar, an integrated fine-dining restaurant. Minimalist and clean, the restaurant introduces am experimental, multi-course tasting menu, showcasing the nutrient-dense ingredients that plant-based cuisine offers. The seasonal tasting menu highlights some of the freshest, locally sourced organic ingredients from Hong Kong focusing on sustainability.

POP Vegan
POP entered 2019 on a strong start and continues to attract a huge crowd with their location in the heart of Soho. The restaurant offers a quiet and spacious environment to eat and chill, great for dining solo or the place to host a large group dinner. The menu is more on the comfort side offering carb-based dishes such as pizza, pasta, risotto, rice bowls, burgers, wraps, and more. A must-order was the beyond burger or the signature barbecue vegan chicken burger which uses hedgehog mushroom.

Supabowl Central
With humble beginnings as a stall in Wan Chai, Graham Street in Central has become Supabowl’s newest home (and super close to our studio!). Husband-and-wife duo KK and Danny Lam are behind the colorful acai treats, serving their slice of paradise to the HK crowd after falling in love with smoothie bowls and discovering them in Hawaii. My favorites are the Firebowl or Cocobowl, perfect for this hot and humid weather during summer!

Café Naturalead
Café Naturalead is a hidden gem out in TST. The organic, vegan-friendly café offers a Japanese inspired, all-day menu with set menus. Beyond pastas and other rice dishes, Café Naturalead also offers Japanese macrobiotic sets which includes tofu, root vegetables, pickled vegetables, soups, and seasonal dishes. Of course, organic vintage tea and coffee are served throughout the day. We recommend checking this café out if you’re exploring the Kowloon side and looking for a healthy bite away from the bustling shopping crowd.

Author: Ashley Tang

Other than spending time at the barre, Ashley is also passionate about travel and food, and is a contributing writer for Destination Deluxe and A Foodie World ? During her free time, not only does she enjoy challenging herself with a variety of classes, this kind-hearted #barrebabe also volunteers at Hong Kong Dog Rescue Centre ? make sure you follow her at @ashley.tang