Certified BarreAmped® Teacher

A content strategist by day, fitness addict by night. Cheryl keeps herself active with teaching barre, long-distance runs & HIIT. Her childhood days were spent training in Chinese, Contemporary, Hip Hop, and Street Jazz, and she got hooked onto barre the moment she tried the BarreAmped method.

Having struggled with lower back pains from the marathons she does, she found that the technique’s emphasis on form and alignment helped improve her condition drastically. She found that barre was the perfect addition to her overall fitness regime – improving her flexibility and endurance.

Cheryl’s playlist is full of upbeat electro beats so expect high energy and a whole lotta burn in her classes. Barre to Cheryl is just like running a marathon with tiny movements, plus it’s so fun you don’t realise how quickly time flies, and you’re drenched before you know it.


  • Certified BarreAmped® Teacher (Level 1, Bounce)
  • Certified TRX STC Instructor
  • Nanyang Technological University Alumni