Today’s blog post features one of our clients, Julie Briers, who became hooked on the BarreAmped method at Barre 2 Barre and went on to participating our Jakarta Teacher Training! Read on to hear why Julie loves Barre, the physical results she sees from committing to a Barre practice, and her reflection on getting certified in Jakarta! Her story could become yours if you’d like to join us at our next teacher training course this spring in Bali!

I found out about Barre 2 Barre online, through Google. I started with 10 days unlimited trial in May 12th last year.

Now, I’m hooked!

*After every class, I was sore (in a good way)!

Barre 2 Barre classes are only 50 minutes long. When I first heard this, I was disappointed. Seriously, just 50 minutes? What can I possibly accomplish in that short amount of time?

But it only took 1 class for me to realize that they pack a lot into that 50 minutes class! I was so sore after my first class, I could hardly walk down the stairs from the studio.

*I saw some definition in my abs for the first time in life!

I committed to a monthly unlimited pass, going 6 times a week. Here are the changes I noticed.

After just a few weeks of Barre 2 Barre, I noticed that when I stood with my hands on my hips, my tummy felt tight and strong. After a few more weeks, I could actually see visible changes in my abs! There is no denying that Barre 2 Barre is a great way to see results fast.

*My posture is better both in and out of class!

The teachers talk about posture the whole class. “Tuck your tailbone” and “pull your belly button to your spine” are phrases that I hear in my sleep now. Haha! But as I took more and more classes, I noticed that I was not only standing up taller in class, I was also more aware of my posture outside of class!

*Why I joined the teacher training in Jakarta last October.

I used to love Barre 2 Barre because of the cozy studio with great front desk service and they have plenty of classes in studio. It’s the workout I did for months before I read about their teacher training program. Missed out on the one in Thailand and then got injured on my finger preventing me to go to my favorite workout for six weeks.

So, I signed up for the teacher training in Jakarta. Which was pretty hard for me during those 3 full days of training, as I stopped working out in studio for nearly 2 months. It was tough but so worth the experience.

It’s an intensive 3 days training. The 3 days program covered 2 classes each day. Every exercise was first shown by the trainer.

The training covered not only the workout but also anatomy lessons to better help understand the impact of each exercise. You are also taught how to call each position. Once we were split into smaller groups for individual practice sessions, we had to prepare a class of our own.

The last day concluded with the official exam.

I have to admit the money was well invested in this training.

After I’ve attended the teacher training in Jakarta, what I love about it now is the BarreAmped method, not just the studio etc.

*The changes.

I used to be a very cardio-intensive person. I started working out since 2010, five times a week. The reason why I’ve chosen Barre 2 Barre these days instead of cardio is because I realized that jumping and spinning will not be possible for me to do it every day till I’m old. We are aging, but BarreAmped method is different. It’s a workout that you can do at all ages.

The principle of BarreAmped are Form, Neutral Spine, Small Movement, Harder Is Not Necessarily Better, Role of Cardio, Flexibility and Abs Breathing.

I must say the BarreAmped Method is the best workout that I’ve ever had for the past 9 years and the workout that I have enjoyed the most.

*What lies ahead.

As an expat wife, having this BarreAmped certificate helps me to go anywhere I can, as this is an international certificate. If I can commit, I would love to be a BarreAmped teacher or else, I could join as a part-time teacher. I really like to share the knowledge and experiences I have to everyone if given the opportunity.