Do you love barre? Have you ever considered taking that passion into becoming an instructor? As a barre teacher, you experience many fulfilling moments delving into your body and being able to help others connect with theirs. Here, we share five benefits of becoming a barre teacher:

1.    You get stronger in your mind and body– At Barre 2 Barre, we are certified in, and follow the BarreAmped syllabus, which utilizes the powerful phrase in class, “strong mind, strong body”. In a tough, burning moment in class, this is a great reminder to keep reconnecting to developing your strength physically and mentally, and letting your body and mind support one another to move forward. Not only do you see and feel physical changes in your body from participating in a regular barre practice (toned, stronger, longer muscles), but also the mentality we practice in class can translate into the rest of your life. Perhaps this desire to push through hard moments can help you meet challenges outside the studio.

2.    You get to help make a difference in the lives of your clients– Speaking as a barre teacher, I find that there is nothing more satisfying than observing the progress of your clients. When you see the people in your class getting stronger and finding confidence and motivation, it is deeply rewarding. For many clients, a barre class is their treasured time for themselves in the midst of a busy schedule. To get to give them an experience that can be healing, challenging, energizing, or in some way influence how they feel about themselves the rest of their day is a special and fulfilling responsibility.

3.    You cultivate attention to detail and body awareness– As a barre teacher, especially at Barre 2 Barre, your training involves learning about anatomy, and safe, correct form and alignment. This is key to barre in order to avoid injury and to gain the maximum benefit from your workout. Since barre is so specific and features isometric exercises to isolate work in small and often unfamiliar muscle groups, it is extremely important that barre teachers understand how to guide and correct their clients and how to articulate themselves clearly so that clients can interpret instructions effectively. Teachers do this while being able to demonstrate and keep good alignment at the same time. This cultivating of attention to detail makes you a better barre teacher and practitioner, and can help with your clarity and specificity outside the studio. You get to develop confidence in yourself to present and articulate, and find ways to be creative to keep your class fresh.

4.    You get to explore and connect to your dancer fantasy– Many barre teachers are current or former dancers, while others are not. Either way, barre involves the use of the ballet barre and principles from ballet and Pilates. Throughout the class, teachers provide cues that encourage length and ease in the body, similar to the way ballerinas are instructed. This creates functional and healthy alignment plus lengthened and lean muscles. If you are a dancer or have always wanted to connect to some of the grace, poise, and strength they possess, barre can be a fun and more accessible way to experience that.

5.    You have a lot fun and gain a new community– Finally, barre classes are fun! Developing yourself to become the best teacher you can be is even more fun. Not only do you get the forum to deliver a meaningful class to others, but you also get to create fun playlists, be part of a positive environment, and meet many lovely new people, from your coworkers to your clients. Classes at Barre 2 Barre are small so that we can make them as personalized as possible, and really know, give attention to, and help our clients develop. Many clients quickly become barre addicts who loyally attend barre classes and events and soon become friends as well. Some clients also work in the health and fitness space, and meeting them can widen and enhance your network. All in all, you gain a new community of dynamic barrerinas!

Does this get you pumped up and inspired to make a change in your life? Meet us at the barre and check out our upcoming training schedule in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and Bali. Hope to see you there!