Barre 2 Barre isn’t just a barre workout, it’s a comprehensive fitness lifestyle that offers a variety of different classes for anyone at any level. We infuse the mind/body connection into every class we carefully curate. When you take a class with us, you’ll be getting the most effective workout both for your time and your body.

From our traditional Barre Mixed class to Pilates, to HiiT and LiiT, Barre 2 Barre offers something for everyone. Variety is a crucial part of making meaningful changes for your body, so we’ve developed a series of unique barre classes to never let you or your muscles get bored.

Aside from leading heart-pumping, fun workouts, Barre 2 Barre is also an institution for barre enthusiasts who want to take their practice to the next level. We are the regional base for BarreAmped® in Asia and offer year-round teacher training for all you barre lovers wanting to grow and develop your practice.

From classes, to training, to curated events, Barre 2 Barre offers the community much more than just a workout.



  • Access to the full library of Barre classes including Pilates, cardio & more
  • Access to Zoom, On Demand, and in-studio classes and special class packages
  • Pre and post natal essential classes
  • Specialized yoga, HiiT/LiiT, Tabata, and Pilates classes
  • Beginner, intermediate, and experienced level options